Monash Partners

Monash Partners is an innovative partnership bringing together some of Melbourne’s leading health professionals and academics to support the health and wellbeing of around 3.5 million Victorians.

At Monash Partners, our purpose is to connect researchers, clinicians and the community to innovate for better health.

Our Stories

Three little words mean a lot to socially isolated older patients

A simple phone call to older patients recently discharged from emergency has been a life saver for many…

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A new children’s hospital for the south east

Thousands of families will benefit from the new Monash Children’s Hospital which officially opened on March 27 2017…

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Expectant refugee and migrant mums-to-be get the help they need

A review of pregnancy outcomes in women from migrant and refugee backgrounds reported fewer numbers of women with recorded anxiety or depression…

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Falls Prevention:  A passion for some

A group of passionate researchers, clinicians and consumers from six health services came together to enhance their collective efforts to prevent falls…

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Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA)

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) accredited centres (AHRTC’s and CIRH’s) have formed an Alliance – The Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA).

The vision of the AHRA is:

A single Australian voice for integration of research, education and healthcare to drive better health outcomes.

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