A Workshop – 65km for Cystic Fibrosis join forces with Monash Partners

Last month, the Monash Partners team was privileged to work with our community partners 65km for Cystic Fibrosis to co-facilitate a workshop to identify research priorities for 2019. This unique partnership between 65km for Cystic Fibrosis and Monash Partners has provided funding for innovative research projects that contribute to the knowledge and treatment of this challenging disease. The workshop enabled approximately 30 attendees to hear from two past recipients of funding from this partnership. Dr Paul King identified some exciting developments in understanding changes that occur as a result of inflammation of the lung tissue in early childhood, and the possibility of minimising these changes to reduce the impact on the older person with cystic fibrosis. Georgina Soldatos used funding from the partnership to inform the management of cystic fibrosis related diabetes which also generated lots of discussion about the potential areas for further research. Following these examples of how the funding could be used, a discussion was led by Susan Biggar (65km for Cystic Fibrosis founder) using the James Lind Alliance Priorities as a basis, to identify key areas that would provide the most benefit to people affected by Cystic Fibrosis. An enthusiastic discussion involving medical, dieticians, nurses, researchers, allied health and the 65km for Cystic Fibrosis team identified 10 key priorities for research in cystic fibrosis. An expression of interest for potential projects related to these priorities in cystic fibrosis research will be released soon.

Since 2013, the 65km for Cystic Fibrosis group has raised more than $750,000 and have partnered with Monash Partners since 2016. Further information about the 16 research projects supported by 65km for Cystic Fibrosis can be found on their website.  Monash Partners are proud to have formed this strong relationship with this community group and will coordinate the expression of interest.

For further information about the expression of interest please contact Cathie Pigott