Monash Partners 2019 MRFF-funded projects

Our MRFF-funded projects for 2019

Monash Partners (MP) translation projects undergo a rigorous selection process. Firstly, the expressions are generated across the Themes and Platforms, then pitched at our Theme forums. The proposed projects are competitively ranked by the MP Executive and endorsed by Council. These 2019 projects include: improving care transition for older people, enhancing the mental health of postnatal women and developing innovative approaches to prevention of heart disease in women.

Aligned to our focus on ‘data-driven healthcare improvement’, four initiatives will promote efficient use of data to improve clinical care by enhancing pressure injury assessment and care; tackling superbugs to reduce antimicrobial resistance; improving quality-of-care for patients with cancer; and providing up-to-date information regarding wait times at emergency departments. Care for patients with chronic illness will be enhanced through a unique smartphone App enabling MS patients to monitor their symptoms; identifying secondary causes of hypertension in primary care; and better care of parents who use addictive substances.

In partnership with the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering, our clinical innovation platform will support four ground-breaking projects, leading the way in the development and translation of innovation in healthcare: an Australian first robotic exoskeleton to allow minimally invasive surgery for children; non-invasive wearable technology to detect seizure events in patients with epilepsy; point-of-care testing for patients with a suspected heart attack thereby avoiding unnecessary hospitalisation; and a new and innovative approach to bone healing to guide mobilisation.

The selection process is captured HERE.

There is more about our 2019 MRFF-funded projects HERE.