COURSE – New course on healthcare improvement and implementation science

Global health systems are all grappling with escalating costs, safety concerns, an increasingly ageing population with chronic and comorbid illnesses, and a translation gap whereby it takes up to 17 years to move new evidence into practice. 

How will it be possible to address these pressing challenges? Even in world leading healthcare systems such as the UK and Australia, there is a need to improve the quality and outcomes of health care if we are to meet future demands. Despite our best intentions, healthcare is not always safe and can lead to poor patient experience and outcomes. The only way we can make meaningful and sustainable improvements and create a Learning Health System is if people at every level of the organisation feel driven to improve their care.   

It is this potentially ‘wicked’ problem that was the impetus for Monash and Warwick Universities to work together to develop an online course on healthcare improvement and implementation science.  

The attributes and skills needed for this endeavour cut across disciplines but they are not widely addressed in current undergraduate or workforce development programs. 

To meet these global challenges will require the combined and unceasing efforts of everyone – healthcare professionals, patients, families, researchers and planners to make the changes that will lead to better patient outcomes, better systems and better learning.

Come join us, won’t you? 

Please contact Laura Robson, Monash Partners Workforce Development Coordinator, should you require any further information.