Are you passionate about a Learning Health System? We may have a PhD for you!

Monash University and Monash Partners is offering a PhD in ‘A Learning Health System for Better Health’

We are pleased to announce that we will be creating Learning Health System (LHS) data hubs across Monash Partners member organisations – Learning together through stakeholder engagement, best practice, data-driven healthcare improvement and implementation.

Monash Partners and the Australia Health Research Alliance (AHRA) have made data-driven healthcare improvement a priority with the creation of Learning Health System (LHS) data hubs.

If you would like to contribute to this work consider a PhD with Monash Partners.


There is a growing interest in how best to use evidence and health data to inform decision making in care delivery. Systems for ensuring that the most relevant and current information is used to guide decisions related to healthcare delivery are needed. Improved health outcomes require decision making at all levels of healthcare delivery. Improving the ability to access, and understand, quickly visualise and compare data related to patient care, is known to improve health outcomes. The Learning Health System (LHS) provides a systems approach for achieving this and incorporating best practice.

How to apply:

Email your CV, a cover letter and a copy of your academic transcripts to Dr Joanne Enticott before 31 March 2021.

About Learning Health System Data Hubs:

Learn more about our Learning Health System

Learning Health System data hubs (LHS) use data from clinical encounters and other health-related events, analyse the data to generate new knowledge, and then provide this knowledge to continuously inform and improve health decision making and practice, and patient outcomes. LHS require integrated and relevant workforce capacities (informaticians, frontline clinicians, researchers and community members), infrastructure, and governance. (Further information can be found on this attachment).

An ideal candidate will have:

  • An understanding of the Australian health care context.
  • An interest in system based, collaborative approaches, across organisations, to enable “Data-Driven Healthcare Improvement”.
  • Experience in implementation of collaborative change across organisational boundaries.
  • Interest in developing analytical skills to identify and validate correlation between meaningful data and patient outcomes.
  • An understanding of disciplines such as implementation science; quality improvement; participatory research methods; data science and/or analytics; complexity science; systems science; complex adaptive systems – as appropriate.
  • Interest in developing, piloting and evaluating programs with the aim to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes.


Students with an Honours or Masters degree with H1 equivalence are encouraged to apply.


We are seeking a talented candidate who wishes to apply for a full time funded PhD with a stipend scholarship.

For further information, or to apply please contact:

Dr Joanne Enticott will be happy to assist with any further questions