Prioritising COVID-19 research support

Whilst our health services face unprecedented challenges, patient care, staff health and wellbeing are top priorities. Research and translation is also important to predict outcomes, focus our care and develop interventions to prevent and/or treat COVID-19 disease. The Monash Partners team is focusing on COVID-19 by supporting our researchers, clinicians and health services; and identifying opportunities for collaboration and prioritisation.

Consumers and communities are a critical partner in this crisis and we need to ensure their voices are being heard in our COVID-19 healthcare and research efforts.

You will find an infographic highlighting ways you can work with consumers. You can contact Dr Darshini Ayton or Dr Sandra Braaf if you would like to know more or to contact consumers.

We have also put together some tip sheets to assist when working with consumers, you will find them, HERE.

Some examples of what we’re up to:

Supporting our health services in ethical approval
The Research Managers across Victoria have agreed to fast track COVID-19 trials through Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval and our health service ethics committees.

Monash Partners support
Kurian Thomas,
Monash Partners research lead, is able to support those involved in COVID-19 research to expedite ethics, governance and protocol development.

Networking and linking
Through the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering we are linking clinicians with engineers and scientists to provide capability from 3D printing to diagnostic development to ventilation and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) prototype and production.

If you think we can help, please get in touch.

  • Good Clinical Practice, accredited Clinical Research Training – Introduction and Refresher, free and online, can be found HERE.
  • Using Clinical data for better healthcare: free online course offered by the University of Sydney, can be found HERE.

What’s happening in COVID-19 research?
As studies across Monash Partners commence we will keep you updated.

Engaging your team and linking in
This does present challenges. Here are some hints and top tips on working virtually adapted from the UK Kings fund.  You will find them, HERE.

If you would like to discuss our COVID-19 work,
please contact Kurian Thomas.

Also, if you would like to know what the Australian Health Research Alliance (of which Monash Partners is a member) is contributing to the COVID-19 effort, you will find it, HERE.