SURVEY – What healthcare changes do we keep post COVID-19?

Monash Partners has developed a survey that aims to understand our community’s experiences, needs, future aspirations and priorities for our healthcare system, as we emerge from COVID-19.

What we know so far:

  • 70% of general practice and hospital outpatient visits are now by phone or online.
  • Presentations to hospitals are down by 50% and our hospitals are half full.
  • Blood Tests and XRay tests are limited.

Some of the healthcare changes from COVID-19 may be good for our community, such as convenient phone consultations, less transport time and costs. Other changes such as limited testing, isolation from healthcare providers and services may not be helpful.

As restrictions for COVID 19 decrease, we want to learn about:

  • Which healthcare changes do Victorians prefer, and those that should go back to usual.
  • How the pandemic is affecting different aspects of your health activities and health service usage.

We are asking people who live in Victoria and are aged 18 years and over to complete this SURVEY. Your response helps Monash Partners member organisations plan better for future healthcare needs.