Cultural awareness eLearning package

In response to the need for culturally safe healthcare environments for Aboriginal colleagues and patients across Victoria, the Wandeat Bangoongagat Aboriginal Employment Working Group, has developed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness eLearning package.

Developed through an extensive state-wide consultation process with Aboriginal communities, it is now available to health services across Victoria.

Isabelle Howard, a proud Jaadwa woman and the Project Lead for Aboriginal Health at Monash Health, played a pivotal role in the creation of the package;

“As an Aboriginal woman and a registered nurse, I have witnessed the devastating impact culturally unsafe practices have on Aboriginal people seeking healthcare. A package like this will not necessarily solve the problem but it is definitely a conversation starter and gives health care professionals essential knowledge that can be built on. I’ve already had a great response from Monash Health employees who have completed the package and am hopeful that we will continue our journey towards an equitable and culturally safe health service.”

The package aims to:

  • increase understanding of Victorian Aboriginal people, and how culture, beliefs, and values as well as history impact on individual and group behaviours
  • alert participants to the legitimacy of difference and encourage self-reflection and exploration
  • support staff in establishing, developing and maintaining positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers and staff.

As part of Monash Health’s commitment to creating a culturally safe and responsive workplace, the e-Learning package will become part of its corporate induction program for all employees to complete.

Monash Partners is currently working with Monash Health to look at ways to support access and uptake and enhance cultural awareness across the Monash Partners network.