Message from Executive Director: Our support continues through Victoria’s second wave

Our health services, academic partners, health professionals, researchers and community, continue to face unprecedented challenges. Research and translation play a crucial part in public health promotion/prevention, focusing our care and developing interventions to prevent and/or treat COVID-19 and in supporting rapid transformations in non-COVID care such as telehealth expansion.

During this time, the Monash Partners team have been, and will continue, to focus on supporting our partners. To date, we have done this by:

  • Linking clinicians with engineers and scientists through the Monash Insitute of Medical Engineering to solve problems at the coal face of care, from 3D printing to diagnostic development to ventilation and Personal Protective Equipment prototypes. One example is a recreational snorkel mask adapted and approved for clinical trials to minimise the spread of COVID-19 to healthcare workers and patients in the hospital setting. MORE
  • Establishing/training the COVID-19 Consumer Advisory Committee to help all researchers and clinicians in the planning and delivery of COVID-19 research and/or healthcare transformation. Tip sheets have been developed to assist working with consumers via different technology platforms. MORE
  • Undertaking research to summarise the best practice recommendations for the prevention of pressure injuries in the COVID-19 context. MORE
  • Engaging with the Victorian community’s views on health services changes such as telehealth appointments, drive through vaccinations and digital prescriptions during and after COVID-19. MORE
  • Supporting those involved in COVID-19 research to expedite ethics, governance and protocol development.
  • Assembling and submitting a COVID -19 data infrastructure grant across our partners

As we battle through the COVID-19 crisis, a thought for all: “We are in this together, and we will get through this, together,” Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Stay safe,

Professor Helena Teede
Executive Director, Monash Partners