Message from Executive Director: Learning together for better health

Healthcare data enables clinicians, researchers, policy makers and the community to make informed decisions that improve healthcare and outcomes at the individual, organisation and population level.

Our Data Platform aims to create a system to improve the use of data, taking practice to data, data to knowledge and knowledge to practice, to drive better health outcomes.

Working toward our vision of ‘Learning together for better health’, Monash Partners has developed a framework for evolving our health centres into a Learning Health System to capture, identify and address health service and community priorities and emergent challenges.

Up until now, little has been known about how to create effective, sustainable and service-led Learning Health System environments that stimulate partnerships across academic, clinician, community, primary care and industry stakeholders to utilise data to iteratively achieve better health outcomes and service improvements.

The Monash Partners Learning Health System presents an evidence-based framework to support a sustainable Learning Health System in the Translation Centre context and to encourage a network of Learning Health Systems in Australia.

Access the Monash Partners Learning Health System Report here and the User Guide here.

Stay safe,

Helena Teede