Website to assist with telehealth resources

Telehealth has become an integral method for providing healthcare. A recent survey undertaken by Monash Partners showed strong support for patients being able to remotely use videoconference, digital photography, instant messaging or other technology to facilitate meeting with health professionals regardless of each parties location. Due to its increasing popularity and use, consumers, carers, clinicians and organisations are looking for information about how to use telehealth and how to use it well.

To help, Monash Partners is in the process of developing a ‘one stop shop’ website telehealth resource.

Currently, there are numerous websites, tools, companies and communities with information related to telehealth; the challenge is finding information that is relevant to your needs, of high quality and without spending hours of your time. This new resource will do the hard work for you and provide links to a wide range of websites, resources, literature, reports and other useful information focused on telehealth.

To get you started in the meantime, here are a few key websites with extensive telehealth resources:

Watch this space to access our complete telehealth resource in the coming weeks.