Message from Executive Director: Celebrating 10 years of impact

Welcome to the first Monash Partners newsletter for 2021, a significant year as we mark 10 years since the partnership was formally established.

Monash Partners has since expanded Partners to encompass two universities, seven health services, and three medical research institutes with reach into regional Victoria. Collectively, the hospitals provide healthcare for more than three million Australians or ~15 percent of the national population, while the combined research budget exceeds $300M.

Key milestones for Monash Partners include:

  • accreditation by the National Health and Medical Research Council in 2015 as a leading centre of excellence and collaboration in health and medical research, research translation, research-infused education and training, and outstanding healthcare;
  • funding through the Medical Research Future Fund to support research translation with direct patient benefit;
  • establishing philanthropic partnerships with Equity Trustees and community partnerships including Cystic Fibrosis;
  • supporting 83 research projects directly;
  • delivering a strategic plan in 2018 with a purpose to ‘connect researchers, clinicians and community to innovate for better health’.
  • forming enabling platforms to deliver on our purpose across biomedical discovery research integration, clinical research facilitation, clinical innovation, consumer and community involvement, data-driven healthcare and informatics, health services research and implementation, primary and community health, and workforce development.

The strength of Academic Health Science Centre’s lie in the integration of research, education and clinical care across large scale partnerships that are greater than the sum of its parts.

In the year ahead we will continue to support collaboration and innovation that transcends silos and works toward measurable impact for our community.

We are extremely proud of what has been achieved over the past decade and wish to thank all those that have contributed to the evolution of Monash Partners. Our recent Impact Report can be found here and our website now provides a plethora of resources and support.

Whilst we have established ourselves as an increasing and driving force in health care research translation, there are many more challenges to tackle together and we look forward to supporting you all on this journey,

Stay safe,

Professor Helena Teede AM