Message from Executive Director: Practical solutions for frontline clinical problems

Our clinical innovation platform, the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) is a unique and novel exemplar of what can be done (and is being done) to bridge the gap between unmet clinical need, fundamental research and commercial success – underpinned by our engagement with the brightest minds in healthcare, medical research, healthcare provision, engineering, information technology and arts/design, and also with patient groups, industry and our world-leading platforms, systems and programs.

MIME effectively helps turn clinical problems into real world solutions.

Since 2015, MIME Seed Funding has given support to extraordinary research-based, community focused, clinician-led projects focused on major clinical and health system needs for the Australian community.

Some examples include:

  • A pulmonary decompression device (now valued at AU$30M) to reduce the serious and frequent clinical complications that arise during emergency pleural decompression procedures.
  • A mobile app to aid pregnant women with gestational diabetes, and their doctors, estimate their risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes.
  • Accurate beside testing for those with acute chest pain to enable testing at the site of the pain.

We are excited to continue our support for MIME Seed Funding in 2021. This year continues to provide an opportunity for clinicians to realise unmet clinical needs and work in partnership with Monash University researchers to discover new medical technologies. Applications may request up to $50,000 per project for medtech collaborative projects with cardiac and big data themed proposals highly regarded.

I look forward to seeing applicants’ presentations of their clinical problems at a Virtual Affinity Meeting on June 18. Further details about the funding process can be found here.

Stay safe,

Professor Helena Teede AM