Partnership to improve health outcomes set to continue

Equity Trustees have announced the continuation of their existing partnership with Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre with a further $856,000 to be provided for research to improve the health of children and those suffering with cancer, heart disease, and depression.

Started in 2017, the partnership has already directed the combined resources of 11 philanthropic trusts, totalling an amount of $904,000, to deliver projects that reflect Equity Trustee’s priorities. Together both organisations have worked to improve the lives of children, young and older people; support the career development of female scientists, clinicians and early to mid-career researchers; and aid research that translates into community impact and better health.

Monash Partners Executive Director, Professor Helena Teede said generous contributions from the philanthropic sector play a critical role in supporting innovation in health and medical research.

“Thanks to the vision and insightful approach of Equity Trustees, we have translated a wide range of innovative research projects designed to rapidly transform research into efficient delivery of our healthcare dollars to directly benefit patients,” said Professor Teede.

“We have been able to work with the communities we serve to create longer-term health care strategies which will have significant and lasting impacts.”

“As our primary philanthropic partner, Equity Trustees has enabled us to deliver and will now keep us delivering leading projects and better health through research with direct clinical benefit. We look forward to developing and strengthening our relationship throughout 2021 and beyond,” said Professor Teede.

Equity Trustees General Manager Charitable Trusts and Philanthropy, Ms Jodi Kennedy said she was pleased to be able to continue the innovative partnership.

“Monash Partners brings together universities, medical research institutes, healthcare providers and industry and are a leader in collaboration and translation. The organisation plays an important part in advancing research and achieving equitable health outcomes for all Australians. We believe work of this nature requires sources of long-term capital rather than short-term funding,” said Ms Kennedy.

The partnership between Monash Partners and Equity Trustees will continue for a further three years.

The 11 Trusts making this partnership possible include:

  • Bill Long Charitable Trust
  • The George Perry Fund
  • The Dean William Robert Winter Trust
  • The Appel Family Bequest
  • Harry Bunting Estate
  • The Lynne Quayle Charitable Trust
  • Preston and Loui Geduld Trust Fund
  • J. Anderson Charitable Trust – The Dorothy Hill Memorial Trust Fund
  • The William & Evelyn Beveridge Trust
  • Beatrice Harris Charitable Trust
  • The Myra Stoicesco Charitable Trust

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