Message from Executive Director: Equity Trustees partnership continues

Generous contributions from philanthropy play a critical role in supporting innovation in health and medical research.

Since 2017, our partnership with Equity Trustees, through the Medical Research and Health Partner Program, has generously supported eight translational research projects responding directly to the needs of communities, health providers and health services, and rapidly transforming research into healthcare delivery and direct patient benefit.

The Equity Trustees model has been a flagship for Monash Partners, allowing us to plan for the future, maximise impact and support research prioritised by our community, health providers and health services, and importantly, the trustees and donors within Equity Trustees.

We are proud to announce Equity Trustees is continuing their partnership with Monash Partners with a further $856,000 to be provided for research to improve the health of children and those suffering with cancer, heart disease, and depression.

Thanks to the vision and insightful approach of Equity Trustees, we have been able to work with the communities we serve to create longer-term health care strategies which will have significant and lasting impacts.

Our ongoing partnership with Equity Trustees has enabled us to deliver, and will now keep us delivering, leading projects and better health through research with direct clinical benefit.

We look forward to developing and strengthening our relationship with Equity Trustees throughout the remainder of 2021 and beyond.

Read more about the Partnership between Equity Trustees and Monash Partners here.

Stay safe,

Professor Helena Teede AM