Message from Executive Director: A year of challenges and opportunities

As 2021 draws to a close, the team at Monash Partners are thankful for the contribution from those around us.

This year has presented many challenges, coupled with opportunities for those working within the health and research sector. Through it all, Monash Partners has remained dedicated to supporting connection and integration across research, healthcare and the community in an effort to further our reach and impact, and continue to drive better health through research.

Some of our areas of impact this year include:

  • Consumer and community involvement: we held a monthly lunchtime seminar series and expanded our community partnerships including cystic fibrosis, Prader-Willi syndrome and motor neurone disease.
  • Data and informatics: we attracted funding in data infrastructure and partnered with our health services to significantly advance artificial intelligence. Our Data Sharing Principles and Agreement were endorsed with implementation across many hospitals.
  • We became part of a national initiative to support the sharing and reuse of clinical trial data in ways that bring value to the research community, increase the efficiency of research, and provide benefits for the health of Australia’s population.
  • Partnered with the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH) and Western Alliance to advance health system recovery post COVID-19 through the Learning Health System model.
  • Clinical innovation platform: we partnered with the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering to support a seed funding round, Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships and a consumer driven innovation round.
  • Co-produced an Implementing Improvement in Healthcare program to strengthen the integration of healthcare improvement and implementation science in health service settings.
  • Supported a large-scale national research and impact project, Advancing Women in Healthcare leadership, funded by an NHMRC Partnership Project grant and contributions from our Partners, and
  • Funded projects through our partnership with Equity Trustees and State Government.

Thank you to all who have partnered with Monash Partners this year. Thank you for your resilience, collaboration and continued efforts. The Monash Partners office will close from 5pm Wednesday 22 December and reopen 9am Monday 3 January. I hope the Christmas break affords you a safe and restful holiday period and that you have a chance to be truly present with those close to you.

Stay safe,

Professor Helena Teede AM