Message from Executive Director: Welcoming in 2022 with education, training and events

Welcome to the first Monash Partners newsletter for 2022.

As life slowly returns to our new “normal” after an unprecedented two years, Monash Partners looks forward to continuing to support collaboration and innovation that transcends silos, while working toward measurable impact for our community.

Leading on from a busy and successful past year of education, training and events offerings, this year we will continue to provide a myriad of educational and professional development opportunities for staff across our network and beyond.

Our education, training and events for 2022 will focus on:

and specific priority areas including

Our programs are co-designed in priority areas outside existing programs, with the aim of supporting an interdisciplinary workforce embedded within or integrated with healthcare.

We pride ourselves on our courses being offered at low or no cost and aligning with the priorities of our health service partners and community.

Monash Partners looks forward to engaging with you through our education, training and events in an effort to support connection and integration across research, healthcare and the community. This in turn will further our reach and impact, and continue to drive better health through research.

Education, training and events will continue to be added to our website and feature within our Connections newsletter as they are confirmed.