Message from Executive Director: Supporting research to address unmet clinical need – MIME

Monash Partners integrates with and supports the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) as our clinical innovation platform. This was established to foster innovative cross sector research in clinician-led projects to address major clinical and health system need.

MIME effectively supports clinicians and researchers to work together to turn clinical problems into real world solutions.

Since 2015, MIME Seed Funding has accelerated the development of new medical technologies that address significant unmet clinical needs. Clinicians of all disciplines work in partnership with IT/digital health, engineering and art/design researchers to discover new solutions.

Some examples funded in 2021 include:

  • an intelligent, personalised and continuous glucose monitoring system to rate foods based on the glycaemic response of an individual
  • a non-invasive cerebral oximeter that can be quickly applied with no training, and
  • a roadside testing device, akin to drug/alcohol testing, to measure driver fatigue, to reduce fatigued drivers on the road, and associated serious injury/fatality.

We are excited to continue our support for MIME Seed Funding in 2022. Applications may request up to $50,000 per project for MedTech collaborative projects. For successful projects, project management support is provided to attract further funding and progress development.

The next Virtual Affinity Meeting will be held on April 1 where clinicians are able to present their problem and explore potential concept solutions options. Researchers/clinicians not presenting are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend to learn about new project ideas and form collaborations. To register click here.

Further details about the funding process and application forms for phase 1 of the funding round can be found here.

We look forward to continuing to foster high quality multidisciplinary research targeted at driving major innovations in the development of new medical technologies.