From the Executive Director: Health data alone does not result in healthcare improvement

Health data alone does not result in change. An integrated approach is needed for data to inform and enable implementation to improve healthcare delivery.

Through our Data-Driven Healthcare and Informatics platform, we have developed a collective vision around data, specifically, opportunities to improve data quality, sharing, usage, harmonisation and linkages to drive better health outcomes.

Monash Partners recently held a data event focused on key parts of the data pipeline, including Cogstack, an AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool which has the capability to revolutionise use and access of electronic medical records.

Key themes from this event included:
• Key stakeholders have successfully worked together in a co-design and co-development model to support the implementation of an innovative, open source, flexible data infrastructure platform (CogStack) in a range of different healthcare settings
• Each of our health service partners were able to focus on the priorities and problems of most importance to them, and shared their nuanced implementations tailored to each of their individual use-cases
• The people that work in health have informed and co-developed this work in a collaborative environment guided and supported by the Learning Health System, leading to successful outcomes
• This is only the beginning of the journey with respect to the use of AI in healthcare, with plans to operationalise and build on this platform in each of our partner organisations who have piloted this work.

Missed the event? Watch a recording here.

Another focus of our Data Platform is to guide the activity of data sharing for research and healthcare improvement across our Partner organisations with this work led by Alison Johnson. This is being done through our Data Sharing Agreement and accompanying Data-Sharing Principles. The aim is to establish a data sharing relationship to facilitate safe, lawful and appropriate sharing of health data across the Monash Partners’ organisations. It provides a consistent, thorough and informed approach to decisions about the sharing of data.

We have welcomed our Partners of Cabrini Health, Peninsula Health, Monash University, Alfred Health, Hudson Institute, and Baker Institute who have all signed this agreement.

To further understand our impact in data over our last 10 years, our most recent Impact Report captures our work to date. View it here.

As we move into the second half of the year, we look forward to continuing to improve health outcomes across our community, through data-driven innovation and care. Watch this space for upcoming data events.