From the Executive Director: Research and innovation as core functions in transforming the health system

The integration of health, medical research and innovation within the health system is seen as essential to transforming and improving the health of the Australian community, and protecting and sustaining our health system.

Recognising the significant challenges we face, worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences has released a vital report titled, ‘Research and innovation as core functions in transforming the health system’.

The report outlines a vision where research and innovation are embedded as core functions of the health system and highlights the key role of the NHMRC accredited Research Translation Centres in this vision. As an accredited Research Translation Centre established around a primary purpose of embedding research in healthcare, Monash Partners strongly endorses this vision.

The report provides a comprehensive plan and prioritises a skilled and enabled workforce, consumer and community involvement, and integrated teams and cross sector collaboration. These priorities align with activities in progress through Monash Partners enabling support platforms.

We congratulate the Academy and invite you to read the report here.