From the Executive Director: A time to reflect and enjoy new freedoms

As 2022 comes to an end, it is timely to reflect on the year that has been. A year that began with government restrictions and is ending with the ability to rejoice in the festive season and reconnect with one another. We thank all those that worked tirelessly this year to afford us such freedoms.

This year has seen Monash Partners:

  • host or co-host over 40 events, including two international speakers, focused on consumer and community involvement, clinical research, the learning health system, implementing improvement in healthcare, data-driven healthcare improvement, falls prevention and pressure injury management,
  • continue to enable and support projects addressing unmet clinical need through our clinical innovation platform, including MIME Seed Funding,
  • partner with the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) to support a community driven innovation round to support people living with cystic fibrosis,
  • support our health service partners in implementing the Clinical Trials Governance Framework,
  • co-lead an initiative to transform professional development in clinical trials (V-CTEC), with almost 1,000 participants engaged, now scaling nationally,
  • fund projects through our partnership with Equity Trustees and State Government,
  • strengthen data-sharing relationships across Monash Partners’ member organisations and streamline the process of achieving safe, lawful and appropriate sharing of data, and
  • lead a novel MRFF funded initiative with multiple partners, piloting new technology to optimise the use of electronic health record data to improve health outcomes.

Looking to 2023, we look forward to:

  • the launch of our clinician fellow and PhD STAR program,
  • a comprehensive events calendar including face-to-face offerings on consumer and community involvement, healthcare improvement, primary care, data, falls, and clinical trials and research, and
  • continuing to enable the integration of research and translation into healthcare to deliver impact.

Thank you to all who have partnered with Monash Partners this year. The Monash Partners office will close from 5pm Wednesday 21 December and reopen 9am Monday 9 January. We hope the upcoming holiday period provides you the opportunity to connect with family and friends and enjoy some well-deserved downtime prior to embarking on what will no doubt be a momentous year ahead.