From the Director: Monash Partners reaccredited by the NHMRC

Monash Partners has been reaccredited by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) as a Research Translation Centre for a further five years.

Reaccreditation recognises our leadership and collaboration in research and translation, applying evidence-based approaches, delivering on our strategic plan, and learning and maturing together for over 10 years.

Moving forward, Monash Partners remains committed to enabling and building on research excellence, establishing and responding to health service and community priorities, and driving culture and systems change to integrate research and translation into healthcare to deliver impact.

Monash Partners is one of 11 accredited Research Translation Centres in Australia now – four with a regional, rural, or remote focus and seven with a metropolitan or state-wide focus.

For the first time, NHMRC has also recognised three Emerging Research Translation Centres:

  • Tasmanian Collaboration for Health Improvement,
  • Western Alliance Academic Health Science Centre, and
  • WA Rural Research and Innovation Alliance.

All 11 accredited Centres, as well as the Emerging Centres, collaborate nationally as the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA).

Monash Partners benefits from and leads with these AHRA Centres in areas including:

  • Consumer and community involvement,
  • Data driven healthcare impact, and
  • Specific areas such as wound care and falls prevention.

Read the full announcement on the NHMRC website.