From the Director: Moving on

After having had the privilege of leading Monash Partners as Executive Director for eight years, I have made the personal decision to move on to other opportunities.

A formal announcement on the departure date and newly appointed Executive Director will be made by the Chair in the coming weeks. In the interim, I am taking this opportunity to reflect that whilst the role comes with limited positional authority, it has provided a unique and significant opportunity to influence, shape and support a vision to embed strategic research into healthcare and deliver health impact at federal, state, partnership and partner levels. I sincerely thank my colleagues whom I have had the privilege of working with, for their commitment and engagement in this vision.

I will remain engaged with Monash Partners in implementation science and women’s health, but will focus on building my research through my Monash University NHMRC fellowship role as the Director of the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation. I also look forward to new roles including as Chair of a WHO Task Force, incoming President of the International Society of Endocrinology and as a Council member of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.

I will leave Monash Partners in the excellent hands of an engaged and active Chair, Council, Executive and a highly capable and experienced Chief Operating Officer, Dr Angela Jones and Monash Partners team. I look forward to joining all of you in supporting the next Monash Partners Director as we, and the other 13 Centres, cement our place across the nation in embedding research and translation into care, to improve the health outcomes of Australians.

And lastly, on a separate note, on October 19, the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (Monash Partners’ clinical innovation platform) is holding its first in-person symposium focused on its efforts to drive change in clinical practice through innovation and technology. Programs and project teams which are leading the way to move clinical-led unmet needs into viable products will be showcased. A number of diverse experts in MedTech translation, commercialisation and industry will also discuss challenges, barriers and enablers, to achieving success. I look forward to seeing you there! For more information, click here.