Women in STEMM Student Leader Awards

The Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) Women in STEMM Student Leader Awards aim to recognise, celebrate and support women students at Monash University who are contributing to innovation in healthcare and medical technologies.

These awards are part of a broader MIME strategy to support and celebrate women in healthcare innovation.

Seven awards were recently awarded with successful students receiving $1,000 to support their studies and exclusive invitations to participate in a series of MIME networking opportunities throughout 2024.

Congratulations to the following recipients:


Nina Langer – PhD Candidate – Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research focus: Development of a novel device to treat complex heart failure cases

Read more about Nina


Yvonne Strover – Undergraduate – Arts (majoring in History and Philosophy), Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

Research focus: Creating technology that challenges systemic inequalities

Read more about Yvonne


Sabrina Meikle – PhD candidate – Electrical and computer systems engineering

Research focus: Improving the resolution of neural implants to restore sight in people with blindness

Read more about Sabrina


Belinda Routley – PhD Candidate – Art, Design and Architecture

Research focus: Investigating day patient experience through design methodologies and practices to inform more meaningful and positive healthcare experiences and improve the lives of patients, staff, family and carers

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Judi Li – Undergraduate – Engineering and Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Research focus: Application of mechanical engineering in the healthcare space, with a current focus on cardiovascular research

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Pranita Shrestha – PhD candidate – Action Lab, Information Technology

Research focus: Co-designing and developing digital interventions for body dissatisfaction to prevent eating disorder

Read more about Pranita


Meagan Roff – Undergraduate – Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Research focus: Digital stethoscope technology for neonates

Read more about Meagan


[L-R]: Professor John Forsythe, MIME Co-Director; Professor Patrick Kwan, MIME Co-Director; Awardees Belinda Routley, Sabrina Meikle; Nina Langer, Judy Li, Yvonne Strover, Pranita Shrestha; Professor Ann Nicholson, Dean Faculty of Information Technology, Professor Carol Hodgson, Executive Director Monash Partners. Absent: Meagan Roff.

Applications for the Women in STEMM Student Leader Awards for 2024 will open later in the year. For more, CLICK HERE