From the Director: Strategic planning underway

Our main priority for 2024 is to deliver an updated strategic plan, with a post pandemic lens. To assist in this process, we have retained Nous Group who have strong connections to health services and research organisations, to provide external support.

The process will start in late April and continue until the end of July.

We are currently arranging key stakeholder interviews to address the priorities of our Partners.

We look forward to bringing you updates as we drive our strategy for the next five years.

In other news, Monash Partners recently coordinated a national series of Australian Health Research Alliance Centres (AHRA) consumer and community engagement workshops.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) have commissioned the AHRA centres to provide the community with a unique opportunity to review the National Statement on Consumer and Community Involvement in Health and Medical Research, last updated in 2016.

Over the past month, Monash Partners have conducted three workshops, two online and one in-person with representatives from all stakeholder groups to ensure the consumer statement reflects the importance of engaging consumers in health and medical research.

If you missed our workshops there is still time to engage in other workshops, review the website to see the dates and times and there is an option of completing a survey.

We believe this series of workshops will provide the NHMRC with rich data to inform the revised version of the Statement.