From the Director: Monash Partners strategic plan – open forums

Monash Partners is in the process of reviewing our strategic plan, with a view to ensuring our work for the next five years connects researchers, clinicians and the community to have a direct impact on the health and well being of our community.

As part of this process, we are engaging with our key partners and broader network to understand the needs of those who interact with, and benefit from, Monash Partners. If you are an academic, researcher, clinician, scientist or consumer who would like to engage with Monash Partners and our network, we invite you to join one of two online open forums. Early and mid career researchers are encouraged to attend.

The forums will help attendees to:

  • Learn more about the strategic planning project
  • Understand the preliminary insights and direction/s for the strategy
  • Have your say on areas where Monash Partners can add most value to you and your organisation/context
  • Provide your input into the future direction for Monash Partners.

The open forums will run for 60 minutes via Zoom, and be facilitated by our project partners, Nous Group. The insights from the forums will be collated along with insights from other engagements such as key partner interviews and senior leader meetings, to inform our vision and strategic priorities.

The dates are:

•    Wednesday 19 June: 8am to 9am
•    Tuesday 25 June: 4pm to 5pm

Thank you for being part of this important process and for making the time to talk with us. If you have any questions prior to the forum, please reach out to me via my email.

In other news, Monash Partners, with Melbourne Academic Centre for Health and Western Alliance under the Victorian Falls Prevention Alliance, recently held their annual workshop focused on strategies to prevent falls. Experts shared their experience with the 200 attendees in-person and online on the following topics:

  • Implementation of the World Guidelines for falls prevention and management for older adults in health services
  • The impact of falls on hospital length of stay
  • Multi-pronged interventions for reducing risk for people with dementia
  • Dietary considerations linked to the risk of falling
  • The value of and interventions for falls prevention education of staff and patients, and
  • Disinvesting in the use of bed and chair alarms.

For those that registered for the event, a link to the webinar recording will be sent to you shortly.

Monash Partners is committed to continuing our work to further support our collaborative efforts in the prevention of falls. For more on our falls work, click here.