From the Director: Monash Partners and Equity Trustees Clinical Fellowships awarded

Our partnership with Equity Trustees has provided us with the opportunity to directly translate a wide range of research projects into clinical care, ensuring patient benefit and efficient use of healthcare dollars. The Equity Trustees’ Partnership Program generously supports a wide range of translational research projects responding directly to the needs of communities, health providers and health services.

As part of this program, we are proud to announce the Equity Trustees and Monash Partners 2024 Clinician Fellows.

Supporting early to mid-career clinician academics in career pathways and building toward independent funding and leadership roles, two fellowships have been awarded, one in cancer, the other in paediatrics. Recipients receive a pathway to combine research with clinical care in a Monash Partners health service, protected funded research time, and networking, training and mentoring opportunities through Monash Partners.

Congratulations to the following recipients for 2024:

  • Dr Lauren Nisbet, clinician-researcher specialising in paediatric sleep with her PhD investigating the cardiovascular effects of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea in preschool children.
  • Danielle Oh, early career clinician scientist with a specialised interest in developing novel therapies for the treatment of lymphoma.

We thank Equity Trustees who have been one of our primary philanthropic partners since 2017 for their continued support in rapidly transforming research into healthcare delivery and direct patient benefit.