About Us

Who is Monash Partners

The purpose of Monash Partners is to connect researchers, clinicians and community to innovate for better health.

We are nationally and internationally recognised for the breadth, depth and excellence of our research from the most cutting edge molecular research, through large scale clinical trials to health care improvement and public health research. In parallel, our health service partners manage the community’s most complex medical cases throughout the lifespan, from pregnancy care, to child health, adolescence and adulthood through to aged and end of life care.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of Monash Partners is to connect researchers, clinicians and the community to innovate for better health.

Our Commitment

Aligned with our purpose we are committed to: 

  • Responsibility and accountability 
  • Transparency and communication 
  • Collaboration and inclusiveness 
  • Leadership
  • Excellence in research, healthcare, education and translation
  • Innovation from discovery to healthcare improvement 
  • Focus where need, benefit and strengths are greatest.


Monash Partners is Australia’s first Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC), and in 2015 was recognised by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) as one of four internationally leading centres of its kind in Australia.

Since its inception in 2011, Monash Partners has worked as a collaborative force to improve the health and wellbeing of about 15 per cent of Australia’s population, or 3.5 million people, throughout Melbourne’s south-east corridor.

With a mix of public and private hospitals, health research and teaching organisations, our partners care for Victoria’s most culturally and diverse communities, where more than 100 different languages are spoken.



Monash Partners has developed a flexible management structure to coordinate its activities.
This includes:

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Our Team

The Monash Partners team enables and supports all aspects of Monash Partners activities. For example, bringing collaborative teams together, addressing commons barriers to research and providing access to training and funding opportunites.

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