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MIME Alliance

MIME Alliance

‘Turning clinical problems into real world solutions’

Monash Partners and the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering  (MIME) have formed a strategic partnership to help turn clinical problems into real world solutions.

Health service clinicians together with biomedical engineers and health information and communications technology researchers offer ground-breaking clinical and community driven innovation initiatives which lead the way to development, translation and impact within health care.

MIME works as an established clinical innovation platform offering technology solutions in the form of new devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, delivery systems and clinical tools for urgent and unmet clinical and patient needs.

Some examples of the work produced includes:

  • an Australian first robotic exoskeleton to allow minimally invasive surgery for children
  • non-invasive wearable technology to detect seizure events in patients with epilepsy
  • a point-of-care device to detect elevated troponin-1 levels indicating heart attack and inform decision making regarding hospitalisation
  • a new approach to assessment of bone healing, eliminating the need for X-Ray or CT, to guide when mobilisation can occur.

We are truly proud to be a part of the only Australian platform which creates an end to end pipeline, turning clinical health problems into innovative solutions which deliver a huge impact within the community.

Research themes

MIME’s broad research themes extend to:

  1. Neurobionics
  2. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary
  3. Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine.

Aims and priorities

MIME’s aims and priorities are to:

  • Clinically drive integration with research priorities defined by clinical need
  • Focus on close collaboration and integration of engineers and IT researchers within the clinical environment
  • Focus on translational research that will lead to the development of new products and technologies that will have significant benefits for patients
  • Develop close partnership with hospitals, industry and allied organisations such as the CSIRO to ensure the development, commercialisation and adoption of technologies
  • Create and support a collaborative research network and engage diverse multidisciplinary teams to solve complex real world problems
  • Foster emerging research in areas that will provide the next generation of medical technologies
  • Build critical mass in the areas where we can deliver greatest research leadership and impact
  • Accelerate the availability of new technologies via first-in-human clinical trials and community engagement.

Monash Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships

MIME and Monash Partners along with the Monash Young Medtech Innovators (MYMI) also provide Monash Healthcare Innovation Summer Scholarships. The scheme connects undergraduate and masters students from across disciplines with clinicians who seek a technological solution to clinical problems. Students and clinicians will work together for
12 weeks to evaluate concepts for new technologies and create proof-of-concept prototypes.

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