Who we are

Who is Monash Partners?

Monash Partners is an innovative partnership bringing together some of Melbourne’s leading health professionals, academics and researchers to support the health and wellbeing of around 3.5 million Victorians.

We are nationally and internationally recognised for the breadth and depth of our research from the most basic molecular research, to varied and complex clinical trials. In parallel, our health service partners manage the community’s most complex medical cases throughout the lifespan, from pregnancy care, to child health, adolescence and adulthood through to aged and end of life care.

Established in 2011, our members include leading health services, teaching and research organisations. Our partners are: Alfred Health, Monash Health, Monash University, Peninsula Health, Eastern Health, Cabrini Health, Epworth HealthCare, Burnet Institute, Hudson Institute and Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute.

Established in 2011, our members include leading health services, teaching and research organisations.

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The purpose of Monash Partners is to connect researchers, clinicians and community to innovate for better health. Our community includes those we come in contact with in our health care and research. This ranges from the diverse and rapidly growing population of South and East Melbourne and regional Victoria to those involved nationally and internationally with our research to improve health outcomes.

Monash Partners is one of nine centres of its kind across Australia. Our major strength lies in our ability to rapidly translate research into patient care to directly improve people’s health. Rather than working in isolation, our members harness the combined power of their skills and knowledge to accelerate the pace, scale and impact of our research and innovation.

Our members include more than 200 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Fellows across our partner organisations. Monash Partners also includes seven NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence and three Australian Research Council (ARC) Centres of Excellence. Our biomedical researchers are internationally recognised, particularly in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences, immunology, structural biology, metabolism and stem cells.

Health care is complex and whilst Australia has a world leading healthcare system, we have major opportunities for innovation and improvement. Integration of research, education and health care is fundamental to solving our biggest health challenges. Monash Partners’ role centres around connecting researchers and clinicians together with our community to generate new solutions and translate these back into the frontline of healthcare for community benefit.

Our History

Monash Partners was established in 2011 and is Australia’s first Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC).

Overseas, academic health science centres had been operating in the US and Canada for a number of years prior, before migrating to Sweden, the Netherlands and eventually the UK.

The concept became the subject of discussion in Australia after it was noted the overseas centres were helping to bridge traditional boundaries between education, health care and scientific research. In turn, this was enabling the discovery of innovative health improvements and new ways of providing patient care.

Of particular interest to Monash Partners was University College London’s academic health science partnership, UCLPartners, which was established in 2009 and is the largest of its kind in Europe.

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At the time of the partnership forming, UCL gave a clear and simple statement on the logic behind the innovation:

“By pooling resources and expertise, the group will be able to produce more world-class research in key areas including cancer, ophthalmology, women’s and children’s health; close partnerships between researchers and health practitioners will also enable new scientific discoveries to be translated more quickly into treatments.”

Here in Victoria, Alfred Health and Southern Health (now Monash Health) and their associated research institutes already held a common alliance with Monash University, and began to explore the possibility of establishing an academic health science centre.

Both The Alfred, through its Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP) and Southern Health, through its planning for the Monash Health Translation Precinct (MHTP), had moved to deepen the links between health services and research. So, in 2010, when the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) identified an interest in fostering greater links between clinical care and translational research, setting up an academic health science centre was a logical step. Alfred Health and Monash Health led the accreditation bid to become an NHMRC accredited, health service led Advanced Health Research Translation Centre or AHSC.

In 2011, Monash University, Alfred Health and Southern Health, the Burnet Institute, Baker IDI, Prince Henry’s Institute, Cabrini Health and Epworth HealthCare established a steering committee to successfully set the partnership’s foundations.

Four years later, Monash Partners was recognised by the NHMRC as one of four internationally leading centres in Australia, alongside the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health, The South Australian Academic Health Science and Translation Centre and Sydney Health Partners.

We’ve played a leading role establishing and engaging in the Australian Health Research Alliance driving unprecedented national collaboration, delivering impact from research and driving better health outcomes.

Southern Health changed it’s name to MonashHealth, Hudson Institute evolved out of Prince Henry’s Institute and Monash Institute for Medical Research, and in 2016, Peninsula Health and Eastern Health joined the partnership. We now support the health and wellbeing of 3.5 million Victorians, which is about 15 per cent of the population.

In May 2017, the federal government announced it would invest $10 million in Australia’s academic health science centres, including $2.25 million for Monash Partners to support world-leading research and collaborative systems level change.

Our current members are: Alfred Health, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Burnet Institute, Cabrini Health, Eastern Health, Epworth HealthCare, Hudson Institute, Monash Health, Monash University and Peninsula Health.

“We’re looking forward to an exciting future, in which we continue to harness our collective strengths and embrace innovation to provide world-class patient care,”Professor Helena Teede.