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Monash Partners fully supports the involvement of health care consumers and the community in research, health care improvement and innovation. Our philosophy is research and innovation in partnership with the community, rather than for the community (i.e. nothing about us without us).

Consumer and community involvement in healthcare refers to the active partnership between researchers, health professionals and those affected by or who may benefit from the research or healthcare improvement project.

Consumers, relevant communities, organisations, services and settings (e.g. community health centres, hospitals, cultural groups) can play a significant and valuable role in informing research and healthcare improvement initiatives.

Benefits of consumer and community involvement in research have been recognised by the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Consumer Health Forum of Australia and outlined in the Statement on Consumer and Community Involvement in Health and Medical Research 2016.

Our Consumer and Community Involvement Platform supports healthcare providers, researchers and managers to work in partnership with consumers and community members.

We have developed a consumer and community involvement space to support the needs of researchers and healthcare workers less familiar with this. We hope this provides some insights for consumers and community members. The resources and links offer general and practical information and strategies to meaningfully conduct and embed consumer and community involvement in research and health care improvement projects. Significant work has already been undertaken nationally and internationally in this area, and many of these links are referenced here.

View our Consumer and Community Involvement Education and Training, HERE.

The community are the funders and beneficiaries of health care, and health and medical research. We are all the collective custodians of our health and research systems. We must work together through research and healthcare improvement, to shape our health system to best serve our community.

Professor Helena Teede,
Executive Director
Monash Partners

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