Health Services Research and Implementation



Health Services Research (HSR) generates evidence to inform policy and practice, thereby improving the quality of health care service and delivery. The primary goals of health services research are to identify the most effective ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high quality care and improve patient safety. Health services research and its translation to drive health systems improvement is a priority for Monash Partners and the Australian Health Research Alliance, comprising the NHMRC accredited Advanced Health Research Translation Centres (AHRTCs) and Centres for Innovation in Regional Health (CIRHs). A National steering committee has formed to lead AHRA’s collaboration, address key gaps, engage stakeholders and develop a national framework for ‘Health Systems Improvement and Sustainability’.

Our Priorities

Monash Partners structure includes a Health Services Research, Healthcare Improvement, Implementation and Innovation platform with capacity building a strategic priority. A steering committee has been established to:

  • Provide leadership in health services research, implementation science and innovation
  • Increase collaboration, pace and scale of health services and healthcare improvement research
  • Promote sharing of interests, learnings, and best practice
  • Promote capacity building in health service research
  • Undertake priority setting and deliver on a flagship program within the platform
  • Engage with the AHRA Health Systems Improvement and Sustainability Steering Committee
  • Facilitate collaborative links with relevant bodies and initiatives
  • Leverage Monash Partners reach, breadth, thematic structure, expertise and population.

The Health Services Research, Healthcare Improvement, Implementation and Innovation Steering Committee is led by Professor Helen Skouteris and Dr Alisa Pedrana.

Platform Leads

    Professor Helen Skouteris

    As a Monash Warwick Professor in Healthcare Improvement and Implementation Science, Professor Helen Skouteris has developed, over many years, a specialist set of skills that foster the healthcare research and implementation science needed to forge successful collaborative teaching, research and leadership between Monash University and the University of Warwick.


    Professor Skouteris has been involved in implementation research (including formative research, evidence synthesis, efficacy research, implementation research, dissemination, translation and scale-up, and evaluation) for over 10 years in the areas of health, human services and early childhood education. As one example, a large program of research (funded by the Medical Research Future Fund) that she co-leads is focused on maternity health care reform and improvements through implementation science, taking a systems approach. This program of research, as with my other programs of research, include cross-disciplinary teams, innovative methodological approaches, national and international collaborations and vast stakeholder involvement, including end-users.

    Professor Skouteris has a good understanding of key issues and developments in the health, human services, and educational sectors and a proven track record of building partnerships government and non-government organisations to further research, educational, and entrepreneurial activities. She also has a strong understanding of how to support change at the individual behaviour and organizational level. This skill set is not always prominent in practitioners and clinicians, yet much of what they need to do is assist patients/clients to tackle the barriers that impede health care or human service/social care improvement. 

    Dr Alisa Perdrana

    Alisa is a public health practitioner and senior research fellow at Burnet Institute and holds an adjunct position at Monash University. Her research career has focussed on blood-borne virus/Sexually Transmitted Infections epidemiology and surveillance to inform prevention practice and policy.


    She has extensive research experience in the following key health domains:

    1. Blood-borne virus/Sexually Transmitted Infections epidemiology and surveillance to inform HCV, HIV and other BBV/STIs prevention practice and policy.
    2. Designing, conducting and interpreting implementation science trials to inform the translation of evidence-based community and healthcare interventions into practice.
    3. Program evaluation and utilisation of data systems to inform decision-making and improve health service delivery.
    4. Health promotion to promote behaviour change and utilisation of mHealth tools to enhance health promotion benefits and extend data collection.

    With a strong emphasis on research translation, her current work on Hepatitis C elimination is focussed on implementation science to strengthen health systems, enhance health service delivery and develop sustainable models of care.

    The Monash Partners Health Services Research, Implementation and Innovation Platform is under development and we are seeking appointments to the Steering Committee.

    If you would like to be a part of this committee, please express your interest HERE.

    Our Steering Committee

    Dr Tracy Robinson
    Dr Emma Baker
    Professor Tracey Bucknall
    Associate Professor Neale Cohen
    Ms Jane Evans
    Professor Sally Green
    Dr Ingrid Hopper
    Ms Angela Melder
    Dr Denise O’Connor
    Associate Professor Carlos Scheinkestel
    Professor Nick Taylor
    Professor Carolina Weller
    Professor Nik Zeps