Workforce Development


 The purpose of the Monash Partners Workforce Development platform is to provide professional development opportunities and programs, aligned to the needs of our Partners, to support an interdisciplinary workforce embedded within or integrated with healthcare.

There is evidence that broader skills outside conventional research and clinical training and existing professional development programs are needed to build collaboration, integration and to achieve transformation of health care systems and changes in health outcomes.

The workforce development platform will coordinate large scale, low cost accessible professional development programs across the Monash Partners network, linked to existing Partner activities.

Priorities include:

  • Establish Workforce Development advisory committee of key stakeholders
  • Implement suite of online accredited Good Clinical Practice Training program, data literacy and implementation science offerings 
  • Create partnerships for prioritised short courses with greater access and discounts for Monash Partners staff 
  • Facilitate a Clinical Fellowship Program to promote, engage and enable around opportunities, criteria, support and mentoring
  • Scope current partner activities and establish priorities in workforce development.

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Good Clinical Practice

Monash Partners is pleased to offer free TransCelerate-accredited training in worlds best practice clinical research.

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Workshops and Seminars

Monash Partners offers prioritised short courses with greater access and discounts for Monash Partners staff.

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Our Fellows

We have awarded several Fellowships, find out about the Fellows and their projects.

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