Module 2


Tools for assessing Consumer and Community Involvement readiness

Consumer and community involvement readiness assessment tools stimulate discussion and self-reflection. However, you do not need to have every attribute or perform every action listed in the tools to be ready to undertake consumer and community involvement. The tools can be used for reflection and awareness and/or to identify learning needs.

The Alberta Strategy for Patient Orientated Research (SPOR) Support Unit, Patient Engagement in Health Research: How-to Guide for Researchers,  suggests assessing consumer and community involvement readiness using the ADKAR change management tool:


Awareness of the need for engaging with consumers and the community in research and healthcare improvement activities


Desire to participate and support change through the involvement of consumers and the community


Knowledge of how to engage with consumers and the community (including approaches, principles, education and training)


Ability to implement and evaluate or monitor engagement strategies, skills and competencies


Reinforcement of engagement with patients (benefits, realisation, evidence, outcomes, funding opportunities). 

A range of tools are available to assess capability for consumer and community involvement, as well as tools for co-design – a consumer-centric research approach.

The Safer Care Victoria Partnering in Healthcare Self-Assessment Tool is specific to partnering in Health Services. Safer Care Victoria suggest using the Partnering Healthcare Self-Assessment Tool below to identify a health service’s current strengths and challenges against a series of domains.