Module 4

Finding Consumers

How to find consumers

Consumers and community members can be found via a number of platforms. Below are some recommendations on how to find consumers.

  • Contact the peak consumer organisations for the health condition – most of these organisations have a consumer and community engagement person who can assist you by distributing an advertisement or invitation via their member base.
  • Contact support groups – these groups may be online or host face-to-face meetings in community buildings.
  • Contact with patients – Health professionals may come into contact with patients that might be interested in being a consumer through clinical practice or collegial networks.
  • People you may know – ask community members or patients you already know about additional people who might be interested in engaging.
  • Promotion – advertise in clinical departments or through community groups.
  • Use social or print media.

Monash Partners has connections with consumer and community organisations and can facilitate engagement. Please contact Monash Partners for assistance.

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Consumer Participation Request form.

I found consumers to join my project by handing out a small flyer to the patients that my colleagues and I saw at clinic. It worked well and it was a way for me to put something in the consumers hand to remind them to think about becoming involved once they’d left the clinic. We also had a chance to follow up on their next visit.