Module 4

Preparing for Consumer Engagement

Information for consumers before becoming involved 

It is recommended that consumers are provided with information to help them decide if they want to be involved in the research or improvement activity. The Alberta SPOR Support Unit (Strategy for Patient Orientated Research) has developed a 'How to Guide for Patients' for this purpose (see below). The Guide addresses the why, who and how of consumer involvement, consumer competencies, and tips for engagement, including practical advice for consumers around:  

  • What are researchers looking for in a consumer/patient partner?
  • What knowledge or perspective can consumers/patients contribute to a health research project?
  • What are the challenges of being a consumer/patient representative?
  • What ethical considerations should a consumer/patient be aware of when engaging in a health research project? 
  • How do consumers/patients find research to engage in?
  • What practical items should consumers/patients consider before engaging in a health research project?
  • How do consumers/patients engage across the research activity cycle?

It is important that comsumers/patients are well informed about the nature and direction of the project.