Module 4

Finding and introducing Consumers to projects

New consumer introduction to an organisation and project

Consumers new to any role and organisation will need orientation to the organisation and project. Procedures are similar to inducting a new staff member.

Numerous ‘orientation’ or ‘induction’ toolkits or packs exist, often tailored to organisational or departmental needs. Below are some content suggestions that are common to most consumer introduction packs as noted by Safer Care Victoria, the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) and Vic Health.

Cover letter
An introduction to the organisation, key contact people and overview of the role and project

Consumer role description
Describe the type and amount of expected engagement

Terms of Reference
For steering or advisory committee roles or working groups

Information about the organisation or department
Brief overview, vision, mission, links to a strategic plan

Key contact/s
Primary contact person and Consumer Involvement Coordinator
Consider contacts for Project Manager or Committee Chair
Introduction to other consumer involved in the project/committee

Project or committee background information
Pictures and roles descriptions of committee or project team members

Background reading /project or committee objectives

Practical information
Meeting locations, parking, security access, videoconferencing software

Emergency details

Conflict of interest declaration

Confidentiality agreement
A template for a privacy and confidentiality agreement is available on the
Australian Clinical Trials Alliance website under ‘Involvement Resources’, (see below)

Guidelines for raising a concern or complaint

Training or educational opportunities

Reimbursement and remuneration
Provide information about how and when consumers are paid

Information about leaving a project or committee
Either during or at the end of a project

The resource below developed by the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA), is useful to clearly state a consumer’s role, expectations, available supports, and compensation/payment. The document can be adapted to different roles such as consumer advisory panels or reference groups.

Australian Clinical Trials Alliance, Involvement Resources

Health Issues Centre, Toolkit for Health Professionals