Module 4

Finding Consumers

Payment and reimbursement for consumers

Consumers provide their time, expertise and often incur costs such as parking or printing, so it is important to discuss payment and reimbursement. Early conversations with consumers about how they would like to be compensated is important, as payment can impact on their taxable income, pension or benefits received.  

The claims process should be simple, clear and expedited quickly without the consumer needing to follow up.

Remuneration and reimbursement for consumers should be flexible. Payment in vouchers may be more appropriate after considering the personal circumstances of a consumer.

Your organisation’s finance department may help to explore different payment options and streamline processes.

Several resources have suggested payment rates and reimbursement, which vary depending on the role or type of training completed by the consumer.

Australian Clinical Trials Alliance, reimbursing consumers

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, consumer cost model

Safer Care Victoria, A guide to consumer remuneration