Consumer and Community Involvement (lunchtime seminar)

Consumer and Community Involvement Lunchtime Seminars

What is the CCI lunchtime seminar series?

Monash Partners ‘CCI lunchtime seminar series’  is a monthly online Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) seminar. The seminars highlight principles, practices, frameworks and resources for CCI in health and medical research and healthcare improvement.

A range of presenters across our Monash Partners organisations will share their work from 1pm to 2pm every second Thursday of the month via Zoom. Seminars are hosted by the Monash Partners CCI team and include a 35-40-minute presentation, followed by questions and facilitated discussion. Seminars run from February to November.

CCI seminar topics in 2021 include:

  • the how and why of CCI
  • co-design
  • participatory research
  • setting up consumer advisory committees
  • navigating power imbalances in CCI
  • ethics and CCI
  • a consumer panel discussing what works and doesn’t work in CCI
  • moving from pseudo to genuine CCI
  • impact and evaluation of CCI.

Should I attend a seminar?

Our Consumer and Community Involvement Platform supports healthcare providers, researchers and managers to work in partnership with consumers and community members. The CCI seminar series provides an opportunity for healthcare providers, researchers, managers and consumers to learn from each other, ask questions and discuss topics of interest. We have created the CCI seminar series to complement our other CCI capacity building work, including the CCI Training and Education modules, along with our Research and Project Advice service.

The CCI seminars are for healthcare providers, researchers, managers and consumers across Monash Partners organisations and beyond, who are practising CCI and/or wanting to increase CCI in their work. There are ten CCI seminars in 2021, and you are welcome to attend based on your interest and availability. Everyone is welcome.

Please contact us with ideas for future seminar topics and presenters.

Still want to know more about the CCI seminars?

Please contact our CCI team.


If you have registration queries please contact our CCI team.

Previous Webinars

Seminar 1: The how and why of Consumer and Community Involvement
Thursday 11th February
1pm - 2pm AEDT
Presented by the Monash Partners team via Zoom

Seminar 2: A research approach for co-designing education with healthcare consumers
Thursday 11th March
1pm - 2pm AEDT
Presented by Associate Professor Gabrielle Brand, Monash University

Seminar 3: Setting up consumer advisory committees for health services
Thursday 8th April
1pm - 2pm AEDT
Presented by Dr Sue Sinni and Michelle Daniel, Peninsula Health, and Sheila Daly, Epworth

Seminar 4: Navigating power imbalances in Consumer and Community Involvement
Thursday 13th May
1pm - 2pm AEDT
Presented by Dr Rhonda Garad, Monash University

Seminar 5: The consumer perspective – what works and doesn’t work in consumer and community involvement
Thursday 10 June
1pm - 2pm AEDT
Presented by the Monash Partners team and a panel of consumers 

Seminar 6: Consumer and community involvement and ethics
Thursday 12 August 2021
1pm -2pm AEDT
Presented by Ms Angela Henjak, Senior Manager, Ethics & Research Governance Office, Alfred Health; and Ms Deborah Dell, Manager, Human Research Ethics Committee and Research Support Services, Monash Health

Seminar 7: Incorporating consumer and community involvement into your grant applications
Thursday 9 September 2021
Presented by Professor Helena Teede, Monash Partners, and Monash Centre of Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI) Monash University

Seminar 8: Consumer and Community Involvement in clinical trials: Practical strategies and lessons learned
Friday 15 October
11am -1pm 
Presented by Monash Partners and Sydney Health Partners.

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