Pressure Injury

Pressure injuries (PIs) are a common hospital acquired complication and significant cause of preventable harm and suffering in healthcare settings across Australia and internationally. In addition to the human cost, hospital-acquired pressure injury (HAPI) carries a high health and economic burden making preventive measures vital.

The cost of HAPIs in Australian public hospitals was recently reported at AUD$983 million per annum. Capacity building is vital to optimise PI surveillance and prevention across our large collaborative partnership and beyond.

Recognising the importance of this work, Monash Partners has appointed a wound care Fellow, Dr Victoria Team, to lead and establish a capacity building framework including widely accessible, co-designed and evidence based training and resources.  These resources have been co-developed with input from Professor Carolina Weller, Head of the Wound Research Group, Monash University, and Monash Partners Pressure Injury Surveillance and Prevention Steering Committee.

The resources will be of particular interest to clinicians who would like improve their knowledge and practical skills in pressure injury prevention and management and include a dedicated module for patients, carers and families. Given the team-based approach to pressure injury prevention and management, these materials are suitable for all health disciplines, including nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, nutritionists, podiatrists, and clinical coders. The target audience for these resources is clinicians working in acute care settings, however, primary care clinicians and aged care workers may also find these resources useful. Non-clinical staff members, researchers, patients and carers are welcome to use these resources.

If you would like to see our latest Webinar on Pressure Injury you will find it, HERE.

We would like to acknowledge the following partnering organisations for assisting with these training Modules: Alfred Health, Monash Health, Monash University, Peninsula Health, Eastern Health, Cabrini Health and Epworth HealthCare, and Wounds Australia.

The preparation of these materials was supported by the Australian Government Department of Health Medical Research Future Fund.

The available resources do not replace the compulsory induction/professional development courses recommended by healthcare services.

Introduction to
Pressure Injury

Pressure Injury Care
and Prevention

COVID-19 Patients – Pressure
Injury Prevention

Patient engagement in
pressure injury prevention

Resources for patients,
carers and families

A ‘pressure injury' is defined as localised damage to the skin and/or underlying tissue, as a result of pressure or pressure in combination with shear.