Module 5

Resources for patients, carers and families

Resources for patients, carers and families

Patients, carers and family members can play a vital role in preventing pressure injury. Here is a collection of educational materials on pressure injury prevention from Monash Partners health services as well as a resource developed by the Victorian Department of Health, and translated into ten community languages. These resources can be accessed directly by patients and families or downloaded and distributed by clinicians.

Educational resources for patients, carers, and their families developed by Monash Partners health services

Educational resources for patients on community languages

Alfred Health
Preventing and managing pressure injuries. 
English, Greek,  Italian, Mandarin and Russian.

Cabrini Health
Prevention and management of pressure injuries.

Eastern Health
Preventing pressure injury.

A valuable patient education booklet, Preventing pressure ulcers - information booklet for patients, was developed by the Victorian Department of Health. It was also translated in ten community languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. You may download this booklet in English and other community languages from: 


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