Women in Leadership

Women In Leadership

What is Women in Leadership training?

Currently there are no set dates for Women In Leadership courses for 2021; but the following gives you a rundown on how we have conducted the course in previous years.

The purpose of this three-day program is to inspire, encourage and support women in healthcare and research to reach their full career potential. This program will explore equal opportunity, capacity, capability building and career strategic planning as well as providing supportive networks and partnerships.

Delivered by Ms Tracey Ezard, Professor Helena Teede and Associate Professor Jacqueline Boyle, with support from current leaders in healthcare and research.

Who are the presenters?

Ms Tracey Ezard

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Ms Tracey Ezard is an expert in helping organisations thrive by focusing on building the key pillars of learning intelligence: growth mindset, compelling environment and authentic dialogue. She builds the capacity of leaders to create an energy buzz about the work and alignment on the future plans. She helps leaders and staff co-create and collaborate – and most importantly, act on it!

Professor Helena Teede

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Professor Helena Teede is a clinician and academic. She is an endocrinologist who is strongly committed to leading and driving evidence into practice to ensure improved health outcomes. She is the Director of Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI) at the Monash University’s School of Public Health, and also the Executive Director of Monash Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre. Helena sits on the NHMRC research committee and has held a range of leadership roles throughout her career.

Associate Professor Jacqueline Boyle

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Associate Professor Jacqueline Boyle is Deputy Director of MCHRI and Head of MCHRI Women’s Public Health and Health Equity Program. She is a gynaecologist whose research field is Women's health and particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Health. Her clinical and research work is based in the Northern Territory and Victoria.

Still want to know more?

Please contact our Training team.

Currently there are no set dates for Women In Training courses for 2021.

We will announce course dates as soon as they are available. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, courses may need to be cancelled and dates changed if restrictions remain. 


Costs will be announced closer to the course dates. Please note that fees for Monash Partners member organisation employees are generally lower than for Non-Monash Partners member organisation employees.

Women in Leadership Enquiries

If you have any queries please contact our Training team