MIME Symposium 2023: Accelerating Medtech Commercialisation

Victoria Koutsoubos

Translating promising early stage MedTech ideas and innovations from the clinic and lab to successful products in the market is a complex and often long journey, fraught with many barriers.

However, our ecosystem has never been riper with people and mechanisms to create change in supporting our innovators on their journey. MIME and Monash are committed to being part of this future to enable our collaborators to succeed.

Accordingly, we bring you an exciting program, focused on the best of our work to drive change in clinical practice through innovation and technology. In particular, we’ll highlight our programs and project teams which are leading the way to move clinical-led unmet needs into viable products, as well as bringing you a number of diverse experts in MedTech translation, commercialisation and industry to discuss challenges, barriers and enablers, to achieving success.

Please join us for an entertaining and educational afternoon of all things MedTech@Monash!