Virtual Healthcare – How can evidence help us to deliver virtual primary and community care?

Victoria Koutsoubos

Monash Partners are proud to present the Primary and Community Health Platform webinar “Virtual healthcare – what does business as usual look like”.

Established in 2011, Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre is an innovative partnership between leading health service, research and teaching organisation and accredited by the National Health and Medical Research Council as a Research Translation Centre. The shared purpose of Monash Partners is to ‘connect researchers, clinicians and the community to innovate for better health’.

Our Primary and Community Health Platform steers and enables partnership and integration between primary providers such as GPs and community health organisations, and hospital-based care. Like Monash Partners, its overall aim is to deliver better health outcomes for our community.

Telehealth is the practice of assessing patients remotely using video conferencing, digital photography, instant messaging or other technology, that enables people and their health professionals to meet, no matter where they are located.

Although telehealth has been in use for a long time, the COVID-19 pandemic saw a dramatic increase in its uptake in the health care sector. Now, millions of Australians have experienced healthcare by phone, video, text, email or via the internet.

This will be a thought-provoking session to showcase the current evidence base and the ongoing challenges associated with virtual healthcare and its use in the primary and community health setting.

Guest speakers and panellists will provide their perspectives of innovative use and evaluation of virtual healthcare in primary and community health.

A panel of academics, researchers and consumers will answer your questions on the successes and challenges of integrating virtual healthcare into practice.