Research Facilitation

Clinical Research Facilitation

The purpose of the Monash Partners Research Facilitation Platform is to enhance clinical research performance across our partner sites by: - Leveraging the scale and breadth of research within our clinical themes - Creating communities of practice that enable collaboration and encourage sharing of research interests, learnings, best practice, and development of new research questions - Coordinating workforce development programs that increase research capacity and enable a culture of research within our network - Addressing barriers to research through harmonisation and streamlining of processes, innovative clinical research models, and central research support facility - Coordinating access to clinical research support (e.g. Data Managers, Biostatistician, Health Economics) across our partners - Providing a facilitation and liaison for our partners - Engaging externally to value add to the Monash Partners agenda Under ethics and governance 'find out more' : Monash Partners has established a multidisciplinary, multi-organisational committee to streamline, and reduce variation and duplication of ethics and governance requirements across the MP sites.

Research Ethics and Governance

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If you are employed by a Monash Partners partner organisation and would like some assistance through the labyrinthine ethics and governance approval process, we have just the thing!

Read how a Monash Partners working group streamlined the cumbersome ethics and governance approvals process currently in place.

Good Clinical Practice

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 Monash Partners is pleased to offer free TransCelerate-accredited training in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) to all paid employees of its 10 partner organisations.

Resources and Forms

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