Introduction to our Themes

Monash Partners purpose is to connect researchers, clinicians and community to innovate for better health. Our Clinical Themes provide a structure that link clusters of specialisation across multiple clinical sites to:

  • create opportunities for new discussions not constrained by organisational boundaries
  • enhance interaction and collaboration across the Partner organisations and between health service clinicians and research scientists with an interest in translational research, clinical innovation or educational development
  • foster discussions, interchanges or joint interests to support research or clinical innovation and work to improve overall patient outcomes
  • consider opportunities to take advantage of international or national collaborations
  • identify opportunities for joint research, clinical or educational activities.

The Themes were established in 2012 following a formal EOI process based on their:

  • Demonstrated research excellence nationally and internationally
  • Nationally recognised leadership in research translation leading to improved clinical care
  • Alignment with national health priorities and burden of disease locally
  • Cross partnership capability, engagement and representation.

Each Theme has leadership across discovery research, applied clinical research and clinical service and a steering committee comprised of relevant members of the Theme which meets regularly.

Theme activities also include an annual meeting of the broader group of clinicians and scientists engaged or interested in the work of the particular Theme.