Reaching people from migrant and refugee communities for clinical trials

Victoria Koutsoubos

People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds are significantly under-represented in Australian clinical trials. Language and translation difficulties, cultural beliefs about health, medicine and research, and a lack of existing relationships between health and medical researchers and CALD communities, are some of the barriers to enrolling more CALD people in potentially life-saving trials. Overcoming these challenges is possible. Monash …

Consumer and Community Involvement in clinical trials: Planning, development and design

Monash Partners and Sydney Health Partners hosted webinar. The webinar explored how to meaningfully engage with consumers and the community in the early stages of a clinical trial, and how this engagement can enhance your trial design and boost participant recruitment, engagement and retention.

Consumer and Community Involvement in clinical trials: Practical strategies and lessons learned

Whilst there is growing recognition of the value of genuine and meaningful engagement of consumers and the community in clinical trials, some researchers are unsure of how or where to start. In response, Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre and Sydney Health Partners hosted the first webinar on CCI in clinical trials, where the participants were able to gain practical examples of what works (and what …