Better together: exploring the current state of consumer and community involvement

Victoria Koutsoubos

Presented on 22 November 2022, the program featured a keynote address by Associate Professor Andrea Tricco, Director, Knowledge Synthesis Team, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto Canada and an engaging panel discussion on exploring the beliefs, values and motivators underpinning genuine CCI.

Seminar 7: Incorporating Consumer and Community Involvement into your grant applications

Presented by Professor Helena Teede, Monash Partners, and Monash Centre of Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI), the webinar focused the key principle of consumer and community involvement – building relationships through the respectful exchange and generation of ideas between consumers and researchers and being prepared to see things differently when engaging with consumers and the community.

Seminar 6: Consumer and Community Involvement and ethics

Presented by Ms Angela Henjak, Senior Manager, Ethics & Research Governance Office, Alfred Health; and Ms Deborah Dell, Manager, Human Research Ethics Committee and Research Support Services, Monash Health

Seminar 5: The consumer perspective – what works and doesn’t work in Consumer and Community Involvement

Presented by the Monash Partners team and a panel of consumers consisting of Madeleine Gardam, Anna Steiner and Ben Horgan, the webinar’s messages covered that consumers are the experts of the lived experience of having a health condition or of caring for someone with a health condition. The panellists also discussed the benefits to the consumers of being involved in …

Seminar 3: Setting up consumer advisory committees for health services

Presented by Dr Sue Sinni, Lauren Lawlor and Sheila Daly, the key messages of the webinar included consumer and community involvement in health services is changing and evolving over time and the traditional view of the patient as a passive recipient of care is no longer the norm.

Seminar 1: The how and why of Consumer and Community Involvement

They key message of the inaugural webinar showcased that for researchers and health professionals, consumer and community involvement can improve the quality of research/project design and interventions, increase participation and decrease attrition, and support research/project completion and impact.