Health Studies Australian National Data Asset (HeSANDA) network event

Victoria Koutsoubos

On Thursday 29 February, Monash University (Helix) and Monash Partners officially launched HeSANDA’s Monash node. Co-presented by Monash Partners, hear about how to maximise the potential of health research data with insights from leading clinical triallists, and experts from the Australian Research DataCommons (ARDC) and Monash University. At this event, the research community heard about how to enter their clinical …

Learning Health Systems – The why, what, who and how to improve care delivery and quality by 2030

Victoria Koutsoubos

It is estimated that around 60% of care is in line with evidence- or consensus-based guidelines, 30% is wasteful or low value, and 10% is harmful. This has been the case for decades. The event outlined Monash Partners evidence-based Learning Health System Framework with examples of adoption and learnings and covered key actions required to drive improvements in healthcare and …

Power of Learning Health Systems: connecting data, research, translation and healthcare improvement

There is a growing interest in the Learning Health System (LHS) to facilitate the use of evidence and health data to inform decision making in clinical care. The Monash Partners LHS framework takes routine healthcare data through iterative cycles of knowledge generation and improvement in healthcare, enabled by partnerships across multidisciplinary stakeholders (academic, clinician, community and industry stakeholders).

CogStack/AI to revolutionise use and access to EMR information

The forum provided information about the implementation of CogSack, which is an AI and NLP pipeline, developed at King's College, London, and now implemented across much of the NHS. The forum included discussion about implementation and sustainability considerations as supported by the Learning Health System. The model of cross cutting support from Monash University, to enable further expansion and use …