Victorian Falls Prevention Alliance – Guiding the way: Practical steps for falls prevention

Victoria Koutsoubos

Following the recent release of the World Guidelines for Falls Prevention and Management for older adults, this hybrid workshop offered practical strategies for implementation of falls prevention in hospitals including a focus on strategies for clinician and patient education.  Speaker included Professor Cathie Sherrington, Associate Professor Frances Batchelor, Ms Kelly Stephen, Dr Helen Psihogios, Dr Alisha Spiteri and Professor Alison …

Implementing Improvement Network Event

Victoria Koutsoubos

This event provided participants with the opportunity to share and learn through our networking events as part of the Implementation & Improvement Network. Speakers included Dr Katherine Harding, Principal Research Fellow & Manager (Allied Health Clinical Research Office) Eastern Health and Dr Rhonda Garad, Lead in Education, Workforce and Capacity Building.

Better together: exploring the current state of consumer and community involvement

Victoria Koutsoubos

Presented on 22 November 2022, the program featured a keynote address by Associate Professor Andrea Tricco, Director, Knowledge Synthesis Team, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto Canada and an engaging panel discussion on exploring the beliefs, values and motivators underpinning genuine CCI.

Learning Health Systems – The why, what, who and how to improve care delivery and quality by 2030

Victoria Koutsoubos

It is estimated that around 60% of care is in line with evidence- or consensus-based guidelines, 30% is wasteful or low value, and 10% is harmful. This has been the case for decades. The event outlined Monash Partners evidence-based Learning Health System Framework with examples of adoption and learnings and covered key actions required to drive improvements in healthcare and …

Consumer and Community Involvement in clinical trials: Planning, development and design

Monash Partners and Sydney Health Partners hosted webinar. The webinar explored how to meaningfully engage with consumers and the community in the early stages of a clinical trial, and how this engagement can enhance your trial design and boost participant recruitment, engagement and retention.

Power of Learning Health Systems: connecting data, research, translation and healthcare improvement

There is a growing interest in the Learning Health System (LHS) to facilitate the use of evidence and health data to inform decision making in clinical care. The Monash Partners LHS framework takes routine healthcare data through iterative cycles of knowledge generation and improvement in healthcare, enabled by partnerships across multidisciplinary stakeholders (academic, clinician, community and industry stakeholders).

CogStack/AI to revolutionise use and access to EMR information

The forum provided information about the implementation of CogSack, which is an AI and NLP pipeline, developed at King's College, London, and now implemented across much of the NHS. The forum included discussion about implementation and sustainability considerations as supported by the Learning Health System. The model of cross cutting support from Monash University, to enable further expansion and use …

Falls prevention in hospital settings

The webinar highlighted the need to assess patient’s needs in relation to falls prevention interventions at an individual level and the need to tailor our approaches to individual context and using co-production as means to work in partnership with clinical providers and researchers working together.